District 7 Councilman Bill Perillo

About Bill

  • Lifelong Stratford Resident 

  • U.S. Marine Corp. Reservist 

  • Over 25 years with the Stratford Police Department 

  • Opened first Community Police Substation in Stratford 

  • Stratford EMS Volunteer 

Moving Stratford Forward

  • Implemented two tax decrease budgets
  • Grew the town's grand list by over 3%
  • Worked to improve response times from all departments and agencies
  • Responsive and available to constituents

"With the town government returning to a more civil and organized body, we were able to pass tax decrease budgets and policies that helped grow our local economy. I think it's important that we continue to focus decrease taxes for residents and businesses without affecting seniors. With your support on November 5th, we can continue moving Stratford in a positive direction."