Yesterday, State Rep. Phil Young was the one vote needed by Governor Dan Malloy to get his best friend Andrew J. McDonald one step closer to becoming Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. 


Who is Justice McDonald? Let's take a look....


  • As a State Senator, he proposed a bill that was an unconstitutional attack on religious freedom. 


  • McDonald was the chief legal counsel to Malloy.


  • Defended the constitutionality of banning the death penalty, and was then the deciding vote to ban the death penalty.


  • Intimidated Democrat State Senator Gayle Slossberg, who filed an affidavit after McDonald,  "harangued her in front of a group of Democratic lawmakers." 



Stratford Residents... State Rep. Phil Young's vote today is a clear sign that he is going to put the Malloy agenda over what is right for you and your families. 


We don't need another Malloy puppet in Hartford.  Sign our letter to State Rep. Phil Young telling him to put Stratford first, not the Malloy agenda. 


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